Half Marathon Course

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The Clif Mountains 2 Beach Half-Marathon course is designed to be fast with a little down hill to give the 13.1 milers a similar experience to the marathoners. A shuttle will take the participants to the start line at the Ventura Unified School District building. From there, the runners run north towards Ojai on streets and our paved bike path till mile 4 where they will start the gradual downhill winding through Ventura’s west side valley to Ventura and the gorgeous oceanfront with views of the Channel Islands. Try not to get distracted by the beauty of the area as you still have more than a mile of ocean side running to do. The finish line and festival are directly adjacent to the beach which beckons you for a post race soak. The course should run lightning fast!


ATTENTION HALF MARATHONERS!!!!- The 5k will join into the course at mile 10.5. If you are hoping to finish in  1:12- 1:20, there may be groups of 5k’ers on course until they get a chance to spread out.

Aid Stations and Water Stations:

  •  Water stations will be located at miles: 1.5, 4.3, 5.8, 7.3, 8.6, 10.1, 11.9, and the Finish Line
  •  Electrolyte drink provided by Fluid will be at miles: 4.3, 5.8, 8.6, 10.1
  •  Energy gels will be provided by Clif and located at mile 7.3
  •  Basic First AID will be available at the all water stations.
  •  First AID will be available at the mile 4.3, 10.1 and the Finish.

*distances are approximate



Restrooms will be available at the, start, mile 1.5 (Aid Station# 14), mile 4.3 (Aid Station #12), mile 7.3 (Aid Station #14), mile 10.1 (Aid Station #16), mile 11.9 (Aid Station #17), and the Finish Area.

Finish Area

The finish line and chute will be located at Shoreline Dr. in Ventura.

Course Time Limit

Due to permitting restrictions, we will now have a course cutoff. Runners must be to mile 11.4 by 5.5 hours (11:30 am) in order to be allowed to finish. Any runner that misses this cutoff will either be directed straight to the finish area (approx. 1/2 mile away) or picked up via course vans.

We will not leave the finish area until all runners are done, but police and volunteers on course will leave at 12:00 pm

Course Map-



-Course subject to change-

 Turn by turn directions

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